Windows Errors


Error CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check 


CRC errors can be quite complex. But generally are usually caused usually Hardware but the odd time by Software problems, you can usually determine this by the circumstances of the situation.


Try the following first:

  • Make sure your hard drive and cable are OK. Use Chkdsk or Scan disk to do a full harddrive scan. (A faulty IDE cable commonly causes CRC problems). You can usually download Hard Drive test tools from the manufacturers website. 

  • Make sure your Memory is OK, run a memory check utility, or test by removing one piece at a time (Or if you only have one, by adding a new or borrowed piece, while removing old chip)

  • Check out this site : 

If it happens during an install, make sure the CD you are installing from is not scratched or Dirty. Also check IDE cable and drive, if possible install from a second drive, you could also try swapping cables with hard drive. 

Also make sure you have the latest updates for any software you are experiencing problems with.


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